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Oz Blue Terpenes

Borneol Flakes

Borneol Flakes

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Borneol finds extensive use in traditional Chinese medicines and is a constituent of numerous essential oils, doubling as a natural insect repellent. This versatile compound is also employed as an aroma chemical in perfumery, boasting a balsamic fragrance with notes of pine, woodiness, and camphoraceous undertones.

Research suggests a range of potential benefits associated with Borneol, such as its application in the pharmaceutical field. It contributes to enhanced digestion by stimulating gastric juices and promotes improved blood circulation. Additionally, Borneol has been identified for its efficacy in treating bronchial symptoms, aiding lung function, and easing breathing, making it beneficial for individuals dealing with bronchitis and asthma. Like other terpenes, Borneol has shown promise in reducing anxiety.

Furthermore, Borneol plays a role in the healing of wounds, historically incorporated into topical treatments for various applications, including the treatment of hemorrhoids.

      All Our Isolates are Vitamin E Free & Mineral Oil Free.

      • CAS # 507-70-0

      • FEMA # 2157


      • BOILING POINT: 212.00 °C. @ 760.00 mm Hg

      • FLASHPOINT: >59ºC

      • DENSITY 0.9770 to 0.9880



      Formulated and Blended in Australia.

      At Oz Blue Terpenes, we go beyond mere bottling; our process involves formulating our products according to the specific plant strain. This meticulous approach allows us to closely replicate the characteristics of the actual plant, providing a more authentic simulation of the strain.

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