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Alpha Phellandrene

Alpha Phellandrene

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Alpha-Phellandrene stands out as a remarkably versatile Terpene isolate, renowned for its minty, peppery, and citrusy aroma. This near-colourless and highly viscous oil is predominantly extracted from Eucalyptus. Often referred to as phellandrene, it should not be confused with Beta-Phellandrene, and its name is derived from eucalyptus phellandra. While originally associated with narrow-leaf eucalyptus, it is also the primary terpene in the essential oil of broad-leaf eucalyptus (eucalyptus dives). Similar to eucalyptus, isolated alpha-phellandrene exudes a pleasant citrus and minty scent.

Additionally, phellandrene is present in the common culinary ingredient, allspice. As a monoterpene with two isoprene units, research suggests potential benefits:

  • Boosting the immune system
  • Possessing anti-fungal properties
  • Contributing to the fight against inflammation
  • Aiding in the destruction of cancer cells
  • Assisting in pain reduction

All Our Isolates are Vitamin E Free & Mineral Oil Free.

• Color: Colorless, slightly yellow
• Consistency: Liquid
• Odor: Peppery, citrusy, minty
• Taste: Minty, cirtusy, sweet
• Boiling point: 171-172ºC
• Flash point: 43.7±13.0ºC
• Solubility: Water insoluble
• Formula: C10H16
• Density: 0.8±0.1 g/cm3
• CAS # 99-83-2
• FEMA # 2856

Formulated and Blended in Australia.

At Oz Blue Terpenes, we go beyond mere bottling; our process involves formulating our products according to the specific plant strain. This meticulous approach allows us to closely replicate the characteristics of the actual plant, providing a more authentic simulation of the strain.

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