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Oz Blue Terpenes

Alpha Thujene

Alpha Thujene

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Thujene, sourced naturally from Eucalyptus, serves as a natural flavouring agent. This organic compound is categorised as a monoterpene and is prevalent in the cosmetic industry, contributing its distinctive fragrance to essential oils. Found as a significant component in the essential oils of various plants, thujene imparts a robust, spicy flavour to certain herbs, notably observed in Summer Savory.

Research indicates potential benefits, including:

  • Possible anti-inflammatory properties associated with α-thujene
  • Antimicrobial effects
  • Anti-arthritic properties

All Our Isolates are Vitamin E Free & Mineral Oil Free.

CAS #2867-05-2

Formulated and Blended in Australia.

At Oz Blue Terpenes, we go beyond mere bottling; our process involves formulating our products according to the specific plant strain. This meticulous approach allows us to closely replicate the characteristics of the actual plant, providing a more authentic simulation of the strain.

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