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Carolina Oak Aged USA Range

Carolina Oak Aged USA Range

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Carolina Oak E-liquid packs a bold, exhilarating dose of American Tobacco in a rich and intense vape finished with pristine, smooth Carolina leaf. Aged in an oak barrel to take the sweetness out and give a strong flavour perfect for the Tobacco connoisseur.

Handmade Liquids made in our Shop. These liquids are strong, full-bodied flavours that you can vape as is or dilute to your taste. Made from the highest quality Australian and American ingredients and concentrates.

Comes in a Plastic bottle with dropper tip. 50/50 PG/VG Blend and available in:

  • 30ml Single
  • 100ml Single

Ingredients: USP/EP grade PG USP/BP VG, Artificial food grade flavours, Di-acetyl and acetyl proponyl free and tested (DAAP Free). Contains no nicotine. Test certificates available on request.

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