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Oz Blue Terpenes

Menthol Crystals

Menthol Crystals

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Menthol crystals are created by extracting essential oil from mint (mentha arvensis), where the oil is rapidly frozen, causing the menthol to crystallize. These crystals exhibit a crystalline structure, appearing more oblong, akin to rock crystals. They are transparent to white in color, accompanied by a refreshing cool minty scent.

Research suggests potential benefits associated with Menthol crystals, including:

  • Soothing irritated skin
  • Alleviating sore throat and cold symptoms
  • Providing pain relief
  • Easing symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Acting as a natural pesticide

All Our Isolates are Vitamin E Free & Mineral Oil Free.

• CAS # 2216-51-5

• FEMA # 2665

• BOILING POINT: 212 - 216°C AT 1,013 HPA (760 MMHG)

• FLASHPOINT: > 101 °C (214 °F) - CLOSED CUP

• DENSITY: 0.890 G/CM3



• MELTING POINT: 42 - 45 °C (109 °F)

Formulated and Blended in Australia.

At Oz Blue Terpenes, we go beyond mere bottling; our process involves formulating our products according to the specific plant strain. This meticulous approach allows us to closely replicate the characteristics of the actual plant, providing a more authentic simulation of the strain.

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