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Oz Blue Terpenes

Old Fashioned Donut Flavour Concentrate

Old Fashioned Donut Flavour Concentrate

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Flavour Profile: Old fashioned, deep-fried, buttermilk doughnut flavour with just a hint of cinnamon. A Little nostalgia, and a lot of of good old fashioned flavour is packed in this e-liquid flavouring concentrate. Some say that they get a hint of buttermilk battering while others get more of the crumbly fried batter, but everyone agrees that this flavouring brings back memories of the old fashioned donuts of yesteryear.
Suggested Range of Use: 5-15%
Considerations: Can be easily overpowered by other flavours.
Suggested Flavour Pairings: Maple, Fruits, Creams.

Available in 60ml and 100ml PET Bottles.

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